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September 21, 2009


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That was too funny. Did you do all those comic drawings?

I am so thankful to have had an office with a LOCKING door to pump behind! Although several times I had to shout, "Come back later!" to my male co-workers through the door.

I'm grateful I've never had to go somewhere else or private to pump. One of the perks of being self-employed I suppose.
Great illustrations!

That? Is hilarious!

Although I will say that I occasionally find breastfeeding allies in the strangest of places. You never know when the Facilities Guy will be the father of breastfed infants, you know? ;)

Thanks, all, for the good comments! I did do the drawings. :) That was a great point about occasionally finding breastfeeding allies in the strangest places. That's happened to me too!

This is laugh-out-loud funny! I love it. Thankfully I never had to deal with "facilities guy" but based on the ones we have here, it probably would have gone in a similar fashion!

What a great post, Adrienne! It put a big smile on my face... The illustrations are fantastic; you should put a few more of these together for a book ;)

Oops, I've just realised you've done the book!! Now I'll just have to buy it :)

lol the "B" word! I love breastfeeding comics.

Great post! :)

I've had to have that most uncomfortable conversation with facilities guys before... and even worse is when it's a strange place. I've asked for "a spare office" to pump in before, and had older women and janitors tell me to just "use the bathroom."

At a sports arena one time I had no choice but to use an old smelly locker room. Seriously. I chose that over the bathroom. They locked it from the outside for my privacy and the facilities guy had to come back in 20 minutes to let me out. NO PRESSURE. :)

thank you for the post, i am more than impressed!

Thank you for the post, you have been more than helpful, keep posting here!

The illustrations are great and you should put a few more of these together for a book.

Nice article, I think that breastfeeding is just a natural thing for women, I dont see why is a matter of so much controversy.

err I keep getting an error when trying to skip to teh next article

This is probably the case in the majority of situations. Kinda funny that men just don't get it.:)

Hi There
How can start this work please tell me
Added you to da RSS reader

Super images! The facilities guy is typical.

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